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Terra Nova Construct was founded in 2002 as a commercial society

with Romanian private capital.



Our society activates in the construction field and it has branches

in Europe as well as in the Middle East.



Our purpose is to offer our clients both high quality works

at competitive prices and their completion in due time.





Perseverance, professionalism and high quality works have

propelled the company into the top medium enterprises

in 2008, along with other distinctions attained over time.


Terra Nova Construct made its mark through professionalism,

motivation, seriousness and respect towards its clients along

with a solid interest for doing everything as well as possible

and reliable partnerships which guarantee success both today

and in the future.



From the beginning until now, Terra Nova Construct has finalized

over 500 works in the field of construction.



Our intention is to develop and extend long term relationships

with our clients, based on honesty, seriousness and fast

and efficient solutions.




Smart City Residence
As developer, S.C. TERRA NOVA CONSTRUCT S.R.L., presents the Smart City Residence project, ideal to buy an apartment at developer price.
See the apartments





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